Local Recruitment and Onboarding Guide

This guide describes one of the most important responsibilities of the Future Leaders local teams - to form a new team of volunteers that can deliver the FL program for the next years program.

The aim of this guide is to guarantee the sustainability of the FL’s autonomous communities. With appropriate implementation and timing, this guide will substantially increase the chances of finding and onboarding a new generation of volunteers in a successful and fun way. The guide can be carefully followed according to the steps outlined below, or it be used merely as inspiration for your onboarding process. Have fun!

This guide is based on the IDOARRT framework, with an additional section describing the key factors for a successful onboarding. The outline of this guide, goes as follows. First, the intention and desired outcome of the onboarding process is outlined. Second, some key factors are described, which can be used as general guidelines for the process. The agenda section describes the process and the steps to be followed to maximize the likelihood of reaching the desired outcomes of the onboarding process. The next section describes the roles, rules and responsibilities during the process. Lastly, the time frame is described to provide an understanding of when this process is to be planned and executed.

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