This page will give you insight into needs for the homepage and a further explanation of who is responsible for what. The responsibilities are divided into city and international.

Content: General information, to do's for the international and city teams, as well as an example of a city page.

www.futureleadersglobal.com is our homepage and for the application process it will contain the program and application information as well as a link to the application platform.

The homepage is a collaborate work between the international team and the cities. Some aspects of the cities page will be set, however each city will also receive a lot of autonomy. The only restriction is that the changes are communicated between the cities, so that you are able to learn from one another.

For access to the homepage, contact the community coordinator:

Robin Sverd, robin@futureleadersglobal.com

To do's for the international team:

  • Make the first draft and add all the information regarding the application process

  • Add the "apply now" button and the connection to Homerun.

  • Teach the cities how the homepage work and the marketing frames for the homepage.

To do's for the cities

  • Develop the page, but keep it on brand. Read the marketing strategy for application processes.

  • Add your team with pictures, names and roles on the page.

Below is an example of how the city's page can look:

This is from the application process in Oslo 2019/2020.

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