Program Lead

Future Leaders, Program Lead

As the Future Leaders head of academia locally, the head of academia shall have overall accountability, responsibility and authority for the delivery of program, and preparation of Hosts. Other key responsibilities include:

Overall responsibility

  • Has an overview of the entire program and content (actively use the already developed master document)
  • Communicates the program to the hosts and participants
  • Train the hosts in their role and ensure they know the program content and how to communicate it
  • Has contact with all speakers and lecturers that are to hold talks on the gatherings. Knows the content and how to adapt it to the location in a best possible way
  • Find ambassadors that are suitable for future leaders global
  • Assess program performance through suitable evaluation for participants
  • Have continuous contact with administrative manager about the logistics/arrival/departure of the speakers
  • Develop an editorial calendar and ensure a mutual understanding of the program outcome


  • Develop program and hosts in this new market.
  • Develop production teams with local expertise.
  • Collaborate with other local heads of academia on best practice cases.

Partners, customers and collaborators

  • Run dialog and negotiate with potential speakers needed for production of the Future Leaders program.
  • Network effectively with local clients and develop strong professional relationships.
  • Become a student of the culture, remaining aware of customs and manners always.